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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

a. Sourcing power through captive renewable energy projects: Over the period of 5 years, we have invested Rs. 170 Cr. (USD 20 MM ) plus in setting up 36.57 MW captive solar / wind projects to replace average 26% of total power consumption with renewable energy at our various manufacturing units located in Maharashtra, Silvassa, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, details are as follows:

Year Project Capacity ( MW ) Nature of Project Project Installation Location User Location ( Manufacturing unit / Office facility where power is replaced with renewable ) % of power replaced with renewable
2023 28 Solar Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh Ratlam unit and Indore unit in Madhya Pradesh 45%
2021 2.31 Solar Solapur, Maharashtra Aurangabad unit, Maharashtra 20%
2020 2.17 Solar Solapur, Maharashtra Mahad unit, Maharashtra 35 %
2.00 Wind Patan, Gujarat Ranu unit, Gujarat 25%
2019 1.74 Solar Solapur, Maharashtra Mahad unit and Aurangabad unit, Maharashtra 8.5%
0.35 Solar Athal Unit, Silvassa Athal unit, Silvassa 1.5 %
Total capacity 36.57

b. Shifting to briquette/Pellet fuel in place of coal: We are aiming to install a captive briquette/Pellets fuel manufacturing plant at Ipca farms located in District- Wardha, Maharashtra, which will supply pellets for self consumption in boiler at our various manufacturing units located across India. Steps taken are as follows:

  1. Farming of napier grass has been initiated at Ipca farms located in District – Wardha, Maharashtra, which will further processed to manufacture pellets.
  2. Briquette/Pellets fuel manufacturing plant has been ordered, which will be further installed at Ipca farms.
  3. Evaluation to convert / replace in phase manner existing coal fires boiler installed at our various manufacturing units with briquette/pellet fired boiler has been initiated

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