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Building a culture of passion and compassion

At Ipca, our incessant hunger for growth is complemented by our obsession with the personal growth and happiness of our people. The results we believe in, are not restricted to just numbers on a piece of paper. Based on our core values of Qualiti, Safeti, Integriti, Digniti and Responsibiliti we have developed an open-door culture where everyone and every idea is welcomed.

A culture of Qualiti

At Ipca, learning never stops. Our mission of producing world-class products is only possible if our people are constantly learning and evolving themselves. We encourage and guide our people to grow both vertically and laterally. Through training sessions, seminars, and workshops, we help them gain new skill-sets and perspectives, and be equipped for any possible scenario in a dynamic professional ecosystem.

A culture of Safeti

Employee safety and well-being is more than just a hygiene factor for us – it’s part of our culture. When we expect the best out of our employees, it’s only fitting that we hold our end too. Duly tested and approved measures are in place at each stage of our operations to ensure that high safety standards are met.

A culture of Integriti

New ideas, proactive attitude, and a strong work ethic are not only encouraged, but also expected. There is a culture of mutual feedback and transparency where everyone is invited to put forth their opinions for the betterment of the Ipca family – feedback which is thoroughly discussed and implemented.

A culture of Digniti

No matter your place in the organization, an attitude of mutual respect is ensured across Ipca. Each employee is treated like an equal part of the Ipca family, with a strong focus on building trust and professionalism. We also enforce a strict policy to prevent any kind of mental or physical harassment at workplace.

A culture of Responsibiliti

We also make sure that individual efforts of our people are regularly recognized and celebrated within the Ipca family. Employee appreciation events are often held across offices, acknowledging those who go above and beyond their call of duty. This, in turn brings forth a sense of individual responsibility in our people, with the drive to improve and achieve every day.

For us, building and maintaining a healthy company culture is an ongoing process, and we’ll make sure that each dose of life that reaches you, is created by someone with a smile on their face.


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