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Ipca - Ratlam formulations plant ranked third position in the National Energy Conservation Award - 2010.



Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Division
The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) / Drug Intermediates Research and Development Department at Mumbai is supported by two more well equipped units located at Ratlam and Indore. These R & D units are also recognized by the Department of Science and Industrial Research, Government of India and are supported by facilities required for scale up of the processes from grams to kilo as well as to Pilot Plant level. The major activities of the division include:

  • Chemical Research:

    Process development/improvements to make products competitive and profitable in the long run by giving major emphasis on:

    -  Alternative cost effective routes

    -  Non-infringing processes

    -  Increasing plant friendliness

    -  Green chemistry

    -  Novel polymorphs/Derivatives

  • Analytical Research

    -  Method development

    -  Method validation

    -  Impurity profiling of API's

  • Biotech Research
    The Biotech department is involved in development of cost effective processes for the manufacture of biologically and fermentation driven drugs and intermediates. With latest technology, suitable expertise and valuable pipeline of fermentation products, Ipca is all set to become a major player in the relevant field. The Biotech department deals with Microbial fermentation process which includes conventional and mutation screening of various microorganisms with extensive shake flask studies further to fermentation and down stream processing. The biotech research is further involved in development of recombinant DNA based proteins to create its space in global Bio-generics markets.
  • New Drug Discovery/Development
    Realizing the importance of discovering New Chemical Entities (NCE's) in the hunt of proprietary position in the current IP regime, Ipca is actively engaged in the segment by collaborating with various research organizations and premier institutes in India and abroad. Current pipeline includes pain-management, anti-ulcer and antimalarials. Few of the NCE's are at preclinical development phase and one of the novel molecule (CDRI-97/78) has shown very promising anti-malarial activity and is currently in clinical Phase-I trial in India.
  • Intellectual Property Management
    Supported by highly qualified and expert personnel IP (Intellectual Property) cell is responsible for protecting the IP generated by Ipca and the collaborators. IPM department is also responsible for providing infringement analysis for the in-house APIs to customers and their legal partners
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